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I have just recently taken on an adjunct teaching position at a local community college. I am pretty excited because I always saw myself as a teacher. I felt like I had met one of my career goals, and continue to build upon my success. Why am I bragging?  Well, I had to get my transcripts to the HR department and when I reflected back on my undergrad grades I was actually shocked. I actually did way worse in undergrad that I had remembered. I definitely knew that I flunked statistics (it was at 8 am and it was hard), and I remember having a difficult semester once, but I thought I remembered having better grades. I then remembered my academic advisor telling me my last year of my undergrad that I probably would not get into grad school with my GPA (I had a 2.7 BTW).

Turns out none of that mattered. I took a little less than a year after college to work and see where my next step was. I then applied to graduate school, graduated with a 4.0 and I am a licensed therapist.

This to me was a great ah-ha moment. The things that we think are terrible or life altering in that moment turn out to not be as bad as we thought in the future. This does not mean that we don’t care about the little failures or discouragements that we receive from others or ourselves, but we set our intentions, learn from the past, and move forward.

What got in my way in the past:

  1. Distractions/Motivation: I was in a sorority, I had a relationship, I was working 20+ hours a week. Sometimes those things seemed more fun or important than school.
  2. The F-its: If you think things are going downhill it is easy to let them keep rolling because you don’t see the point of trying. I felt this way with my stats class. I knew I wasn’t doing well, I kept falling asleep in class. Sometimes I wouldn’t make it to class. And try as I might to study I wasn’t understanding it. So, instead of getting a tutor or going to office hours I just put in the minimal effort to get through the semester.
  3. Unsure of my path: I had 5 different majors in the 5 years I was at my undergrad…yes, 5 years. That’s what happens when you are indecisive and feel like you don’t know what you are doing. I didn’t know where to put all of my energy because I was pointed in too many directions. Once I had focus (Psychology) I did great. In fact, I made Dean’s List for the first time in my last year of school. The really crazy part was I didn’t even work as hard that year—but I knew where to put my energy.

Moving Forward:

If you are or were like me and you have ever struggled with any of these issues keep a few things in mind:

  1. All things are temporary. Picture waves rolling in and rolling out. Some are larger waves than others, and some create damage, but they always roll out to sea.
  2. Motivation improves when you have the following: A belief in yourself, Others believe in you, You find the fun, and it meets 1 or more personal goals.
  3. Get focused. Get clear on what you want. We need structure and purpose,

Never give up. Turn to your support system for encouragement and help


If you feel like your stuck in the past and are ready to move forward contact me for a consultation or set up an appointment.