“Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakes.”

– Carl Jung

Inspired by a 30+ year old program called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, I have created Self & Soul Mindfulness Training. This 12-week course is meant to foster a lifelong practice of mindfulness which has countless proven benefits (self-confidence, optimism, ability to handle physical and emotional pain, and stress management).

John Kabat Zinn (2013), the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, sees mindfulness as “a radical act — a radical act of sanity, of self-compassion, and ultimately, of love.”

Self & Soul Mindfulness Training is a practice. It is an intentional act that takes practice involving an awareness and acceptance of where our attention is being placed. Being in the present moment allows us to feel, know, and learn in the moment. We hope to see this as a way to experiment in how we relate to life.

Why 12 weeks?

The traditional Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program is 8-weeks long and it has proven to show long term success. I believe that by adding a little more to the original course and extending out the time, there is an even greater success rate that people will develop a lifelong habit. On average it takes about 2 to 8 months to create a new habit.

Next Self and Soul Mindfulness Training session to be announced.

If you would like to attend a Self & Soul Mindfulness Training informational session, contact Jolene at Mindful Wellness Counseling (360)-818-4573 in Vancouver, WA.